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Unveil the hidden depths of the ocean’s mysteries. Leveraging our unparalleled Expertise, seasoned Experience and thrilling Expeditions, we provide cutting-edge technical consultancy, tailored education, heightened awareness, dynamic training and awe-inspiring encounters of a lifetime. Our mission is to empower you, our current and future custodians of the oceans, with deep knowledge and insight that can spur critical thinking and catalyze transformative changes in life, instrumental for effective ocean conservation.


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We are a group of dedicated ocean advocates, made up of leaders in science, technology, non-invasive ecosystem monitoring, policy interface, ocean conservation, field operations, diving, freediving, boating professionals, wellbeing activities, training, education and imaging production. Our passion for the ocean drives us to work tirelessly to protect and preserve its fragile ecosystems. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on our planet’s most precious resource.


Experience the Wonder of the Ocean with our Specialized Services

Blue Horizon Expeditions offers specialized ocean services that empower you to explore, understand and make a positive impact on ocean conservation. Our team of experts provides technical consultancy, training and unforgettable expeditions.


Profit of our full multidisciplinary proficiency through technical consultancy.


Learn with our marine experts for in depth understanding, training and awareness.


Travel with us onboard thrilling tailored expeditions for lifetime marine encounters.


Seas of Hope Program

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean with Blue Horizon Expeditions‘ Seas of Hope program. Join our specialized micro-expeditions to pristine seas and remote areas, and experience conscious encounters with the ocean’s ecosystem. Our low-impact trips and operations combine fun dives, Ocean Literacy, Marine Science, Environmental Awareness workshops, and Biodiversity Monitoring using non-invasive techniques. Through personalized education and extraordinary encounters we empower current and future generations to achieve life-transformative changes for effective ocean conservation.

Join us and leave only fin prints while creating unforgettable memories.


People trust us

Julien R.

Blue Horizon Expeditions made our trip memorable. They make your experience optimal by identifying the things that most people enjoy about diving and expeditions. During the journey they keep scanning the surface and horizon looking for an additional encounter with a bait ball, whalesharks, dolphins, mobulas, tuna, trevally, etc. They inform you about the optimal approach and behaviour to observe marine life. They provide real information to calm you down and be able to take the best shot without stressing the animals. They do an amazing job providing a complete experience.

Sarah L.

“We asked advices to Blue Horizon Expertise service regarding applications to European funding programs and schemes on environmental subjects. Since we are a small company in development we were pretty new to these mechanisms. Alice was very professional and knowledgeable, she answered exaustively to all our questions, she kept networking and suggested interactions with pertinent stakeholders to enrich our ideas, she helped in improving the consortium building and followed us during the preparation of the proposal. We will continue to use their precious services in the future. “

Manuela S.

You truly benefit from “full service” with Blue Horizon Expeditions and we recommend their services. The management and staff are friendly, knowledgeable, respectful and helpful. Alice and Steffen were able to develop a tailored package of activities including Marine Science, diving, accommodation and transport that was much more competitive than us. The team clearly identified the objectives before each dive, discussed the dive plan, and validated the achievements of each objective throughout each dive. Something extremely important that goes unnoticed or simply “expected”, the team goes above and beyond to delight the customer.”

James C.

“Blue Horizon Experience expertise exceeded our expectations. The contents and processes are well established, ingrained and communicated thoroughly. Training objectives, logistic procedures and confort and safety aspects are well taken care of. In depth information sessions with time set aside to answer questions or concerns are provided.”


Ready to be one with the Ocean?

Discover the magic of the ocean and become one with its powerful waves, energetic tides, and stunning beauty. Let the ocean guide you on a journey of self-discovery and learning. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the deep blue, marvel at the majesty of the shoreline, and witness the wonder of marine creatures in their natural habitat. The ocean offers endless inspiration, solace, and refuge – it’s a place where you can truly be yourself. Experience the transformative power of the ocean and discover a world full of adventures with Blue Horizon Expeditions.

Be ocean!