Challenge your comfort-zone

Travel with us onboard thrilling tailored expeditions

Each of our expeditions is unique as they are tuned depending on our guests’ experiences and objectives, the local conditions and requirements and the scientific and environmetal context. This means that even if a route is repeated we cannot guarantee the full replicability of the trip unless specifically stated as an imperative objective that we will aim to fullfill.

Our Secret Underwater Charts:

Somewhere in a failure of human colonisation: Selvagens uncharted

Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic big pelagics migrations: Azores seafaris

Somewhere in the Deep Red Sea: Sudan uncharted

Somewhere in the secret Indian Ocean: Chagos uncharted

Somewhere in the Pacific upwelling system: the off-shore warm dome

Somewhere in the Pacific forgotten islands

Somewhere where Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet: tracking Agulas

Somewhere in the evolution wonder of the biodiversity triangle

Somewhere in the cold cold really cold: polar experience

Please contact us directly for any inqueries and to receive more detailed information and material about what we have ready for you and what we are planning for the future. Please bare in mind that we work with small groups and personalized experiences in remote locations and therefore well advance organisation and booking is imperative.

Looking forward to have you onboard!