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Blue Horizon Expeditions is a team of passionate experts in science, technology, policy interface and conservation, as well as skilled professionals in diving, freediving, boating and image production support. We are committed to provide unparalleled experiences that combine science, adventure, learning and conservation, and to make a positive impact on the planet’s most precious resource.

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The ecological status of our oceans is changing rapidly due to the concomitant effects of climate change, anthropogenic impacts and consequent human-induced evolutionary adaptation. The result is a global shift and loss of marine biodiversity and biomass at the point of hindering already the existence of some ecosystems in certain regions of the world. Most of the time these changes translate into a shift from a more productive and rich ecosystem to a less productive one, concerning plankton to top predator species. Future generations will be more and more used to witness ecologically poor ecosystems and believe this is the ‘normal’ status of the environment if no chance is given to them to witness and recognize pristine ecosystems in different regions of the world and realize that we are loosing them.

More than 80% of the living space on Earth is actually ocean. Marine resources are a pressing issue for all of us as a society because they are the only ones in the world that are completely free and accessible to everyone, and they are irreplaceable. Not to mention that the ocean acts as planetary buffer for the climate and produces half of the oxigen on Earth. Life came first from the ocean, we will not be able to survive without it.  

We want to rise this awareness and knowledge and give you this chance! Together we may make this tack and invert route!


Meet Our Leaders

Each expert brings a unique blend of experience and passion, ensuring our guests embark on not just a trip or a service, but a life-changing journey. From our Director and marine biologist and oceanographer vast knowledge of marine ecosystems, to our Chief Expedition Officer’s prowess in navigating challenging terrains, our team’s expertise is unrivaled.

As pioneers in eco-conscious travel, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices, protecting delicate ecosystems, and contributing to conservation efforts worldwide. Our professional team ensures each expedition respects the environment and supports local communities, making your journey with Blue Horizon Expeditions a part of the solution for our planet’s future.

Dr Alice Soccodato, Founder and Director

Alice Soccodato is the visionary behind Blue Horizon Expeditions. As a dedicated marine biologist and oceanographer, Alice turned her love for the ocean into a life-long commitment to exploration and conservation. She brings decades of theory and field experience in marine biology, allowing her to develop services, programs and expeditions that delve into the stunning beauty of the world’s oceans while educating participants on respectful and sustainable relationships between nature and humankind.

Alice has more than 15 years of experience in research development, technical, logistic, coordination and management of international research projects and programs related to marine resources for international institutes and organisations, research infrastructures, global networks, private companies and NGOs. Advanced technologies applied ranges from genomics to satellite remote sensing to global ocean models as well as low-tech for environmental monitoring and open and participative science.
Her research interests are broadly focused on biodiversity exploration and conservation, biophysical interactions and ecological processes in the marine realm, with specific attention to threatened or commercially important species and fragile habitats to improve conservation efforts. She has experience in biophysical and ecological dynamics controlling biodiversity in the global ocean, fish larval ecology, population genetics, ecotoxicology, population and habitat modelling, Marine Protected Areas. She is used to work in remote and multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environments. She is involved in science communication and environmental awareness missions for the general public and in media production.
She is a certified member of the American Academy of Underwater Science (AAUS), First Aid, Search and Rescue, Nitrox, Dive Master, Motor and sailing boat offshore skipper and VHF operator for national and international waters. She is also a yoga instructor and afro and latin dances instructor.

Alice’s leadership style blends her scientific acumen with her passion for adventure, creating a unique experience for Blue Horizon’s guests. Her enthusiasm is contagious, inspiring everyone to engage with marine life and ecosystems in meaningful ways and fostering a deep appreciation for the world beneath the waves.

Alice’s vision for Blue Horizon Expeditions is clear: to offer cutting edge services and life-changing journeys that promote scientific advancement, understanding, respect and conservation of our planet’s oceans and of ourselves. She firmly believes in the power of education and experience to drive positive changes. With Alice at the helm, every expedition with Blue Horizon is not just a journey, but a step towards preserving the earth’s most precious resource – its oceans.

Steffen Ehrath, Chief of Expeditions

“We only are willing to protect what we know – and there is so much more to see and to discover once we submerge our head…“ 

Grown up in the very southwest of Germany surrounded by hills, vineyards and lakes, the ocean was far and unreachable. Nonetheless, as far as he can remember, Steffen was always connected to water and perhaps he was able to swim before he learned to walk properly. At the age of 13 his first holiday outside of european mainland was in Lanzarote, a little island of the Canaries Archipelago. He remembers like it was yesterday: “I saw an Octopus while snorkeling!“. Watching this weird creature in his natural habitat made him more curious about the realm that covers more than 2/3 of our planet. Once back in Germany Steffen made his OWD license in one of the lakes close to Freiburg in 1997 and soon after became instructor.

With by far more than 5000 dives and more than 10000 nm by motor and sailingboat in all major oceans all over the world, 25 years of diving and 15 years of professional diving, his love, passion and curiousity for the Ocean and for its inhabitants are still boundless, especially for octopuses, sharks and rays due to their interactive behaviour with divers and freedivers. 

After leading diving liveaboards and managing diving operations for several years all around the world, he set up his base operation –Wahoo Diving– in Santa Maria, the southernmost island of the Azorean archipelago and one of the last hidden treasures at the western end of Europe. Here he regularly interact with rare and endangered species such as whales, dolphins, devil rays, sharks, tunas, whalesharks and much more. 

Specialised in management of marine operations, diving education, training and capacity building, safety procedures and large equipment set up and maintenance for complex expeditions, he is also a seasoned skipper and an underwater image production support operator. He collaborated with Pro7 Germany, Rai1 Italy, Arte Germany/France, National Geographic and scientific programs on megafauna conservation.  

Our Impact

At Blue Horizon Expeditions, we are committed to excellence and to make a positive impact on ocean conservation. Here are some of the results we have achieved so far. Check our social network channels for more updates and insights.








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